Artificial Intelligence

World’s first autonomous fish
A new, completely artificial specie can now be spotted in London Aquarium. A fish shaped robot, mimicking the undulating movements of a real fish navigates itself autonomously around the tank. It was designed by Professor Huosheng Hu, of Essex University and will find applications as a new type of underwater vehicle that could be used to measure sea pollution or counter mines.

October 18, 2005 Posted by guhru

Driving with no hands!
A team from Stanford University has claimed the price of $2 million as their unmanned Volkswagen Touareq crossed the finish line after 132 mile race over Mojave Desert, sponsored by DARPA. Another two vehicles, from Carnegie Mellon University and Metairie, Louisiana made it to the end which makes them more lucky than remaining 18 vehicles which failed due to mechanical or sensor failures. Let me remind, that the last year’s race ended for all of the cars in just couple of minutes, all suffering technical glitches.

September 02, 2005 Posted by bea_jo

Dr. Juan Liu, as well as Michal Joachimczak and Beata Grzyb — the GABRI Steering Committee members currently working at the ATR, Kyoto — completed their move to a special qViki-dedicated room kindly offered by ATR’s Authorities. The qViki is a semi-physical semi-simulated robotic system employing several psychodynamic concepts developed in the framework of the ATR ABrain Project. Several stations interconnected into a local network hosts qViki’s brain developed and run under BrainCAD. The qViki Lab faces the beautiful ATR garden including a small woodland with a hidden pond.

July 21, 2005 Posted by bea_jo

From Interaction to Cognition
Self-development of motor abilities resulting from the growth of a neural network reinforced by pleasure and tensions was the title of the paper by Juan Liu and Andrzej Buller that was presented by its first author at the poster session of the 2005 IEEE International Conference on Development and Learning From Interaction to Cognition (ICDL-05) held on July 19-21 in Osaka, Japan and published as the Conference Proceedings CD-ROM.

September 22, 2005 Posted by bea_jo

Smart Neural Driver Demo under the BrainCAD
SND is a demo of simple reinforcement learning algorithm allowing the robot to learn wall avoidance behavior, previously written by Michal Joachimczak, and now adopted to the BrainCAD. Downloadable archive contains a short description of algorithm, as well as instructions how to run it. You may also need to download BrainCad to use it.

August 31, 2005 Posted by bea_jo

GABRI Neural Model in ICNN&B-05; Proceedings
According to e-mail from the chairs of the International Conference On Neural Networks & Brain (ICNN&B-05;) to be held in Beijing on October 13-15, the paper entitled “Firing Cell: An Artificial Neuron with Long-Term Synaptic Potentiation Sex Video Capacity” by Jacek Bialowas, Beata Grzyb, and Pawel Poszumski has been accepted for inclusion in the conference proceedings.

April 20, 2005 Posted by ab

Pseudoscience industry
As Boston Herald reports, three students of MIT CS & AI Lab wrote a program that “deliberately churned out nonsensical scientific gibberish”. One of fake reports produced by the program has been successfully accepted by a Florida conference. Indeed, a number of conferences is supposedly being organized only to pull money from folks and institutions who for any price want to enhance their “publication records”.